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Drone Photography Services

At Drone Photography Services, we offer a complete range of drone photography and drone videography services in all over the America. We specialize in aerial photography, videography and 3D mapping using small, light-weight unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or “drones” We have tackled the most complex aerial projects for our clients.

HD Drone Photography

All of our missions are completed with the highest level of quality and safety in mind. At Drone Photography Services we use the latest drone technology that opens the door to countless applications for us to provide you with stunning aerial videos and photos. Our company utilizes cutting edge equipment, employs the most skilled drone pilots and follows the highest standards for safety and legal compliance. Many of our clients have chosen us as their preferred aerial photography service provider.

Drone Inspection

Drone Photography Services have the experience and equipment needed to operate in complex industrial environments which often have unseen hazards. We work within a number of industries, delivering a wide selection of services, from visual inspection and Thermographic survey through to detailed SURVEY GRADE LiDAR Mapping/measurement and Multi/Hyperspectral analysis.

Drone Photography Services drone inspections are advanced, safe and save thousands in manual inspection fees. Building inspections of roofs, chimneys, towers, stadiums, wind turbines, church spires, etc. no longer need expensive cherry-pickers or scaffolding. We can give you a series of high resolution images or high definition video of most hard to reach structures.

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